La Liga is one of the top leagues in Europe with Barcelona and Real Madrid carrying the banner as league and European contenders each year but it could all come crumbling apart if Spain breaks up. Catalonia, the region in northeastern Spain, has long sought independence from Spain and voters return to the polls on September 27 with that goal in mind and some say within reach.

Spanish football league (LFP) president Javier Tebas posted on his twitter account that “If Spain breaks up, so will La Liga. Hopefully we will never reach such an absurd situation.”

Catalan clubs Barcelona and Espanyol would not be allowed to compete in La Liga if the autonomous region votes for independence and then secedes from Spain.  League rules currently only allow teams from the independent region of Andorra to compete in La Liga.  A ‘modification’ to the rules agreed on by both parties would be required to change the rule.

Despite the history and importance of the league and the millions of dollars the league generates, it is hard to imagine an the teams from any independent Catalonia and teams from around Spain, most notably Real Madrid in the Spanish capital, to agree on a ‘modification.’

Barcelona and some of their players are known to be behind independence.  The Blaugrana wore a jersey featuring the colors of the Catalan flag in 2013/14 and there is a Catalan Football Federation in place that would in manage a domestic league as well as national team.

What will happen to La Liga if Catalonia successfully votes to secede?