The Korea Republic have qualified for every FIFA World Cup since 1986. Since then the Taegeuk Warriors have shown constant improvement and even placed fourth in 2002.

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As the sixty-first ranked team in the world prepares for another run at international glory in Brazil this summer, Nike has released the Korea Republic 2014 World Cup home kit.

The new South Korea jersey takes its design inspiration from several of the country’s national symbols including Taegeuk (the Yin and Yang circle symbol found at the center of the Korean flag).

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The Taeguk was incorporated into the kit to reflect the balanced and harmonious team spirit that the Korean team is known for. The mainly red jersey featuresthe interlocking shapes of the Taegeuk at the top of each sleeve in blue. They give the shirt a contemporary and sync with the contours of the players’ muscles.

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“The Korean shirt is filled with the aspirations of a nation,” said Korean National Team midfielder SungYueng Ki. “This year in Brasil, with a shirt that expresses the balance of the yin and yang, we will look to reach new heights as a team on football’s biggest stage.”

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Nike’s kit design team also wanted to create a collar for the shirt that is inspired by classic Korean attire. The result is a unique red collar with prominent blue piping.

The inside back of the Korea Reblic 2014 World Cup shirt has a print of a Tuhon symbol from traditional Korean calligraphy. It translates “fighting spirit” – a quality that we’ve seen from regular AFC Asian Cup semi-finalist through the years .

The Korea Republic 2014 Nike World Cup home kit is now available at World Soccer Shop.

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