John F Kennedy was a patriot and one of the most popular presidents in United States history. The 35th president has joined an elite group of former presidents to represent the American Outlaws while the supporter’s group cheers on the Stars and Stripes.

JFK joins George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt on these limited edition t-shirts. The range is available on President’ Day exclusively at World Soccer Shop.

American Outlaws President's lineup

The new design unveiled this year takes the look of a 1960’s era campaign button. The circular design features a blue band on top with ‘American Outlaws’ and a red band on the bottom with ‘Est. 2007.’ The president’s face is in the center with the AO signature U.S. flag bandana look.

Limited edition American Outlaws and World Soccer Shop exclusive President's Day 2019 collection

The collection is available in a men’s and women’s t-shirt as well as for the first time being available in a ¾ sleeve raglan style t-shirts.

The American Outlaws President’s collection will be available on President’s Day exclusively at World Soccer Shop.