In recognition of Lionel Messi’s double record breaking week, adidas have unveiled the Messi Mirosar10 boot.

Inspired by Leo’s upbringing in Rosario argentinate, the adidas Messi mirosar10 are the latest in a long line of bespoke boots created for the superstar. The name mirosar10 translates from Spanish to ‘my Rosario’, while the number 10 is synonymous with Messi.
The boot is uniquely designed and inspired by Messi’s childhood, reflecting the roots of his legend. The orange signifies his first ever club, while the green represents the fierce rivals who Messi scored 4 goals against in his first big 11-a-side match as a child. The insole features a map of Rosario, while the Batalion pitch – an abandoned military base field that Leo used to sneak onto to play – is highlighted.
adidas have unveiled this boot to mark how Messi has torn up the history books in recent years. This week itself Messi became both the La Liga and Champions League all time top scorer, cementing his position as one of, if not the, greatest players of all time.

Available from Monday the 1st of December, the mirosar10 are the seventh bespoke f50 adiZero adidas have released for Messi this year itself. The sheer number of releases acting as a testament to how incredible Leo has been.