The International FA Board is taking the step to censor goal celebrations and other on-field public displays by banning personal messages on t-shirts under a player’s jersey.  The decision was made at last month’s meeting in Zurich and will take effect on June 1 meaning it will be in force for this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

“From now on there can be no slogan or image whatsoever on undergarments even good-natured ones. This will apply from 1 June and be in force for the World Cup,” FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke said after the decision was made.

A ban is currently in place to cover overt slogans but the broader application will also start to cover any personal messages.

The most recent World Cup incident came on the final goal of the 2010 World Cup when Andres Iniesta revealed a shirt in memory of his friend Dani Jarque, a defender with Espanyol, who died earlier that year.

But the practice is far more common in domestic leagues which will see the rule adopted next season as well.

Who can forget Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli’ revealing his ‘Why always me’ shirt?

Juventus’ Paul Pogba giving a shout-out to a group of friends from his childhood neighborhood ‘ R.L.S. City Boys.’

Carlos Tevez has been using his undershirt as a billboard for years including during his time at West Ham, Manchester City, and Juventus.

The best plan but possibly worst execution for a celebration reveal came back in 1997.  Ian Wright was chasing the Arsenal goal record and was 1 goal short of equaling the record.  The forward failed to find he net in 3 matches and when he finally ended the drought he revealed a shirt with the Nike swoosh and ‘179 – Just Done It’.

Fans got the true message 5 minutes later when Wright scored again and did indeed set the new mark.

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