The green hoops are an iconic part of the Celtic look. Having been in existence for over 125 years, this Scottish team has been playing in their famous hoops almost the entire time.

Back in March 2015, Peter Lawwell, Chief Executive of the Celtic’s, announced their record-breaking Technical Sponsorship deal with New Balance. Beginning next season, the team will join the growing number of New Balance-sponsored clubs, including Liverpool, Sevilla and Porto. New Balance is quickly becoming one of the top sponsors, and the brand considers this partnership a momentous moment in global sports history.

“Our goals are well aligned. Celtic’s desire to grow both domestically and globally are entirely in line with what we want to do,” said Richard Wright, General Manager of New Balance Football. “We are a worldwide athletic brand.”

After months of planning and strategizing, the 2015/16 home jersey made by the new supplier will be revealed soon. We can most definitely expect to see the iconic hoops as an important part of the jersey.

But why are the hoops so famous? Why does New Balance consider their partnership with the Celtic’s such an honor, and what is so important about the history of this team?

When the team made their debut in 1888, there were no hoops on the jersey. It wasn’t until 1903 that the Celtic’s adopted these horizontal hoops. After that, the rest really was history. The hoops have been associated with the team since then, a rich part of their history.

Originally started by Irish Marist Brother Walfrid, the team’s name came from Walfrid’s intention to reflect the club’s Irish and Scottish roots. The significance of the hoop represents the never ending history of the Celtic. It’s representative of the family behind it. It’s inclusive and should never be broken.

Billy McNeill of Celtic receives the European Cup trophy

Billy McNeill of Celtic receives the European Cup trophy

The importance of the hoop has been acknowledged by being included in every model of the home jersey since their first debut in 1903, and when the Celtic’s became the first British team to win the European Cup in 1967, that was no exception. The famous hoops were a part of the jersey that year and had won the Celtic’s four competitions played before beating Italian team Internazionale 2-1 in the European Cup, making them the first and only Scottish team so far to win.

In 2012, the team celebrated 125 years of history, and the home jersey that year was arguably more sentimental and representative of the club’s history than ever before.

Celtic's 2012/13 jersey with 9 hoops.

Celtic’s 2012/13 jersey with 9 hoops.

Made by Nike, the 2012/13 jersey included 9 hoops as opposed to the normal 7, representing the 9 consecutive Scottish league titles won by the Celtic’s between 1965 and 1974. To this day, that record has never been broken.

A special anniversary crest was created for the jersey. The pattern around it is Celtic knot-work, tying back to the Celtic origins of the Club. On the back of the jersey was a small Celtic symbol, marking the foundation year and the year of the anniversary.

Not only was the kit design based on the original world-famous Hoops debuted in 1903, but it also included other rich history hitting close to home with not only the players, but every single fan.

After learning about the history of the Celtic’s, we are quite confident that the first home jersey from New Balance will not only add to the history but also reflect on the previous 128 years of history made by the Scottish team. In our opinion, the hoops are making a swish to lead to victory.

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