Iceland’s run to the Euro 2016 quarterfinals have technical sponsor, Errea, scrambling to get more official 2016 Iceland home and away soccer jerseys.

“We are working 24/7 with a night shift and so we are every day sending out all the shirts we have,” Errea’s export manager Fabrizio Taddei told Bloomberg. “We are a manufacturer as well, and so are not depending on a container from China arriving. So our strength is that we can almost reply on demand. But it’s havoc here at the moment.”

Euro 2016 marks the first time the Nordic nation of about 300,000 people has qualified for a major international soccer tournament and makes them the smallest nation to every qualify for a major international tournament.

Iceland shocked the world or maybe just England when they downed the Three Lions 2-1 in the Round of 16.  The victory set up a date with host France on Sunday, July 3 and has added to Thorvaldur Olafsson travel plans.  The Sport Company Ehf, Iceland’s official jersey distributor, general manager’s personally printing jerseys in Reykjavik packing them in his suitcase take a special charter with fans to Paris and deliver them to the kit manager.

“The requests on our website are enormous, but you are not able to buy them anymore because we can’t meet the demand.”

A good run of form can strain any technical sponsor.  Puma could not meet demand for Leicester City jerseys after the Foxes won the 2015/16 Premier League title.  And Lotto was challenged to keep up with jersey requests when Costa Rica marched to the quarterfinals of the FIFA 2014 World Cup.

Sport Company has equaled last year’s revenues and hope Iceland’s run continues to the semifinal and beyond.  Errea will keep working 24/7 and think they can stay ahead of the game as they make all their jerseys in 2 factories in Italy.

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