Iceland qualified for their first major international tournament with their berth in UEFA Euro 2016.  Despite rumors that they were moving to a ‘bigger’ brand for a technical sponsor for their debut, Iceland decided to remain with Errea, their jersey provider since 2004, and revealed their Euro 2016 jerseys earlier this year.

Iceland Euro 2016 home soccer jersey
The Iceland Euro 2016 home jersey is blue with white detailing on the sleeve cuffs, at the back of the modern ‘Y-neck’ collar, and as an insert in the ‘Y’ collar.

Iceland 2016 home jersey stripe detail|
The main feature of the jersey is the red-and-white stripes, taken from the Iceland flag and federation badge, running down the left side of the jersey over the heart.  The feature has a gradient effect with 5 lines of bubble-like blue dots (with larger dots near the badge and getting smaller as they move away from the badge) emanating from the federation badge and flowing toward the shoulder and middle of the chest.

The gradient detail coming from the badge re-enforces the #BreaktheIce message of the release highlighting how Iceland is a country marked by contrasts with a land of ice settled over a heart of fiery volcanoes.

The stripe replaces the similar feature on the Iceland 2014/15 soccer jerseys that ran horizontally and with less detail.

Iceland flag on the 2016 home soccer jersey
‘Fyrir Island’ (For Iceland) is printed in white inside the back of the collar with ‘Island’ printed above it on the necktape. The Iceland flag is placed on the back of the jersey below the collar.

If the fans have anything to say, the new look of the jersey will be joined by a new look for the customization of the jerseys.  Fans have petitioned to have the player’s first names used on jerseys rather than their last names.

Iceland Euro 2016 away jersey
The away jersey uses a similar template but in white with blue detailing.  ‘Island’ is printed around the necktape of the away jersey.  The red-and-white vertical stripe is enhanced with a blue border that makes it wider and bolder.

Iceland Euro 2016 third jerseyThe clash kit is in a bright neon yellow colorway.

Iceland Euro 2016 goalkeeper jerseys
While the goalkeepers will wear either a red, black, or green jersey.