Remarkable runs in the European World Cup Qualifiers and Euro 2016 coupled with tremendous fan support resulted in the smallest nation ever to qualify for the World Cup finals in Iceland, with a population just under 350,000. Now, Erreà Sport and KSI – Knattspyrnusamband Íslands, the Football Association of Iceland have revealed the jerseys The Boys will wear in Russia.

The jerseys tell the tale of Iceland’s natural features and beauty. The geologically and volcanically active island nation features geysers, lava fields and mountain ranges with a tundra climate due to its Nordic Island location, and elements of each are displayed on the jerseys. All three jerseys have the same collar model, with white wrapping around the sides and back and blue at the front met with red trim at the bottom of a rounded v-neck shape.

The inner collar has a necktape that has Iceland’s name in Icelandic – Ísland in blue text. Larger text in white that reads FYRIR ÍSLAND (For Iceland) is placed under the collar, the Euro 2016 motto Errea gave Iceland for the tournament.

Each of the jerseys have sleeves that have white at the top gradating to a vibrant blue and red gradient, symbolizing ice, water and fire. Elements like mesh panels and a graphic design print gives the Icelandic team a dynamic look unlike anything the Italian technical supplier has ever given before.

The jerseys come with the standard Erreà marks, white over the blue home and red goalkeeper jerseys, and blue over the white away jersey. Iceland’s KSI crest is placed over the left breast.

The Erreà Sport Icelandic 2018 FIFA World Cup jerseys will be available soon at World Soccer Shop.