Soccer is a lifelong passion that begins at birth in Brazil.  A local proverb says, ‘all Brazilian children are born with a soccer ball at their feet’ and adidas is making sure that for every child born in Brazil on December 3, the day the 2014 World Cup ball the Brazuca is released, that proverb is a reality.

The 3-stripes announced their ‘Eu sou brazuca (I am Brazuca)’ campaign that will give every newborn a new Brazuca soccer ball.  The nationwide program will have distribution points or ‘pop up nurseries’ in the 12 World Cup host cities as well as by submitting the birth certificate to www.adidas.com.br/eusoubrazuca.

The Brazuca will be unveiled tomorrow at 6 pm ET.  The event will be held at the Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro and will be the first big event kicking off the 2014 World Cup celebrations.  The next big event is Friday, December 6 with the FIFA World Cup draw.