Halloween sneaks up on some soccer fans but not to worry. Official soccer jerseys offer great last minute costume ideas and we’re not just talking about going out as a ‘soccer player.’ Soccer365 put together a creative list on how to take the beautiful game out trick or treating with you this year.


Soccer Halloween costume - Brazil's 'incredible' Hulk


The Incredible Hulk – Mild mannered…not a chance. Hulk has been a menace for defenses since pulling on a pair of cleats in Brazil 15 years ago. The 30-year old has found success with the Brazil national team and for clubs in Brazil, Europe (most notably with Porto and Zenit Saint Petersburg) and now China. Grab your Brazil or other club jersey Hulk played for and to push it over the edge pick up a Hulk masks from your local hobby store and you’re in business.

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Old Bug Eyes – It takes great vision to see the field and make the final pass that breaks down the defense and leads to a goal and Mesut Ozil has the tools to be a success. Some fans joke that his attentive eyes look like bug eyes and give him the unfair advantage. Find an Arsenal or Germany jersey and to complete the look and give it some character buy a bug-eye mask be scary on your neighborhood streets.

Not in to bugs? Well Colombian forward Radamel Falcao once joked that Ozil had bulging eyes like a Simpson’s character writing on his twitter ‘Ozil tiene los ojos como Los Simpson (Ozil has eyes like The Simpsons)’ so just pull out the Homer Simpson costume for a couple of years back and get to it.


Soccer Halloween costume - Chelsea's David 'Sideshow Bob' Luiz


Speaking of The Simpsons, Sideshow Bob is a beloved favorite of the cartoon. He rose to fame as a sidekick on Krusty the Clown’s TV show and we can’t help but make the connections appearance and all with Chelsea’s David Luiz with his crazy hair and equally absurd own goal from time-to-time. It makes for some comic relief. A big wig paired with a Chelsea jersey and you’re done.

And you can rest assured you have next year’s costume in hand as well. Dust off your wig and pair with a Manchester United jersey (or whatever club he is currently playing with) and your good to go as Marouane Fellaini.

67 days in heaven followed by the rest of your life in purgatory. And we’re not suggesting dressing up as Tom Hanks from his current lead role in The Inferno or that it has any soccer connections but rather looking back on the year that was Sam Allardyce. We can’t feel all that bad, however, as his retreat to his seaside Spanish villa is probably a better gig than being England manager. Pull on a black pea coat, white shirt and tie, and wear a perpetual frown. To put this costume over the edge head to an office party and bad mouth all your colleagues while they are getting more food.


Soccer Halloween costume - Borussia Dortmund's Batman


Borussia Dortmund was in a relegation battle a couple of seasons ago when their hero Pierre-Emerick ‘Batman’ Aubameyang and Marco ‘Robin’ Reus pulled out costumes of the Caped Crusader to celebrate a goal. Aubameyang made sure an assistant had the costume arrange behind the goal the Black and Yellows were attacking and when the signal was right they jumped into action. The club rallied and easily avoided relegation and in the process Batman became a club icon.

Showoff your creative side with the JorMar mash-up. Just like with their show collaboration, the Jordan meets Neymar costume will be a hit and has tons of possibilities. We like the Mohawk hair do with sticking your tongue out while trick or treating and matched with a Brazil or Barcelona soccer jersey and of course some vintage Air Jordans.

Is it going to be hot where you are this Halloween? Then the samurai Bale is just what you need. Pull your hair up into a man bun, grab a pillow and your Real Madrid jersey, and get your mawashi and hit the dohyo trying to grab some candy.

If grabbing candy in a mawashi has you a little nervous but still want to celebrate Gareth, find a taco costume and sport the man bun and you have Taco Bale, maybe the fast food restaurant will give you some free food for your efforts.


Soccer Halloween Costume - Count Suarez


And the frightening look that will never go out of style is what we like to call the Count Suarez. With a Barcelona or Uruguay jersey (or even go old school with a throwback Liverpool jersey) on just add some vampire fangs and you are ready to go. Some trick or treaters may not even know you are in a costume until it is too late and you go in for a bite.

What soccer inspired Halloween costume are you dressing up as this year?