Puma released a few days ago the next step in the evolution of the evoPOWER cleats. The 1.3 version comes with a lot of updated features, and are result of months of research, experimentation and testing with professional players. This is everything you need to know about the Puma evoPOWER 1.3.


“The whole idea was that by mimicking the way the barefoot moves when you kick a ball, you put more power behind it” says Pascal Van Essen, PUMA Head of Product Line Management – Teamsport Footwear. “This has been scientifically proven to be the only way to put more power behind the ball, but to achieve that, you obviously need materials and engineering that allow you to create a shoe that actually bends but still gives you the protection and stability you need to play soccer.”

Following that idea, Puma created a totally new sole plate for the evoPOWER 1.3, one that bends easily with the Adap-Lite upper to follow the natural movement of the foot when kicking a ball. That way, players can add extra power to their shooting without sacrificing the other two features mentioned by Van Essen.

AccuFoam has been redistributed and increased under the surface of the shoe to create a wider impact zone for shooting. Additionally, it helps keeping the form of the cleat and providing comfort and protection to the foot.

GripTex technology is used on the upper for added ball control and grip in both dry and wet conditions. evoPOWER cleats are also made to get a hold on the midfield with precision passing.

Let’s get back to the sole plate for a moment, as bending isn’t the only new thing about it. The new configuration of studs was designed following how force travels from the heel to the forefoot, and from the lateral to medial side of the boot. Bladed studs provide stability, while the conical studs are there for enhanced maneuverability.

The result: the most powerful boots ever made by Puma. Keep an eye on elite players such as Cesc Fabregas (FC Barcelona), Yaya Toure (Manchester City), Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) and Mario Balotteli (AC Milan) to see the latest evoPOWERs in action.


What do you think about all the new features of the evoPOWER cleats? Puma evoPOWER 1.3 are available for purchase at WorldSoccerShop.com!