The new adidas X15 and Ace15 started with a revolutionary inspiration but once the sparks of the new designs became a reality it was time to get the power of the revolution in the hands of the players. And that is when the design team sent their idea to the production team and created something new.

The production process starts with the base materials to create the X15 and then the templates and proper cuts to make sure the pieces are ready to be put together to create a cleat.

adidas X15 base materials ready to go
adidas X15 cut pattern template
adidas X15 cutting pieces by machine
adidas X15 hand cut pieces
adidas X15 hand cut pieces
adidas X15 finish piece ready to become the upper
After the pieces are cut and ready to go the upper is constructed.

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adidas X15 upper is constructed
adidas X15 final work on upper prior to attaching insole

adidas X15 waiting on insole
adidas X15 insole is added and cleat is ready for outsole
Once the upper is constructed the attention turns to the sole plate.

adidas X15 await attachment of sole plate
adidas X15 sole plate is lined up before being permanently attached
adidas X15 x-ray attachment of sole plate
adidas X15 studs are attached to the sole plate
Once the studs are attached it is time to make sure the correct cleat is being sent to the right player.  The cleats from this run were from arguably the brands second most famous face, Luis Suarez, as well as Lukas Podolski, Fedor Smolov, and many others eagerly awaiting to change to pull on the new cleats.

adidas X15 for Luis Suarez
adidas X15 for Lukas Podolski
adidas X15 for adidas sponsored players

And finally the adidas X15, with one Ace15 sneaking in among the crowd, are ready to ship out and become the next game changer.

adidas X15

Be the first player with the new adidas X15 on your local soccer field.  The adidas X15.1 will be available for pre-order from World Soccer Shop with cleats shipping in July.