The adidas Ace15 and X15 are designed to change the game by focusing on the players that control the game and those that cause chaos. The Ace15 is all about control and understanding and reading the game so that you stay 1-step ahead of the action.

adidas Ace15 for Jamie Rodriguez
With the new Ace15 available for pre-order, 365.WorldSoccerShop takes a look behind the scenes to see some of the steps to construct a finished product ready for players like Jamie Rodriguez to pull on.

The process starts with constructing the upper.  The upper is given a signature look and revolutionary control with the Control Web’ designed with engineered 3D material and the unique NSG (non-stop grip) skin that features 3D dots to give on the entire cleat to improve touch.

adidas Ace15 production
adidas Ace15 production of the upper
adidas Ace15 production process
adidas Ace15 production finish touches on upper
adidas Ace15 production final stitching on laces
The outsole features a new stud configuration with more studs so the player is always in tune and time with the ball from step-over moves to pulling the ball back.

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adidas Ace15 production outsole ready to be attached

The final product comes off the line and is ready to go out to all the players, both professional and amateur, who will control the game on their local soccer field.

adidas Ace15 final cleat ready to ship
adidas Ace15 cleat for Max Kruse if Borussia Mönchengladbach

Ace15 cleats from adidas latest cleat silo

Be the first player with the new adidas X15 on your local soccer field.  The adidas Ace15.1 will be available for pre-order from World Soccer Shop with cleats shipping in July.