World Soccer Shop is taking a fresh approach to their Holiday 2015 catalog by showing more product on models and in real-life scenarios. The goal is to give soccer fans and fashion trend setters a glimpse at how soccer gear is hitting the streets to become a must have look.

The holiday book is scheduled to be in homes the week of Thanksgiving.

“We’re very excited to show this new look to our customers,” World Soccer Shop’s General Manager Jeff Stephens explained about the fresh approach. “Our customers have expressed the desire to see apparel in more everyday real-life settings, not just on football stars like Messi and Ronaldo. We believe they will be happy with how the new catalog displays real fans with whom they can identify.”

WSS cover contest runner-up

WSS cover contest runner-up

And customer feedback was not only used to update the look of the catalog but also to select a cover photo.  The winning photo features the Manchester United 2015/16 Third Jersey but only narrowly won out taking 55% of the vote.  The Red Devils jersey, along with the other Third Jerseys in adidas 2015/16 3rd jersey collection, takes the new ‘Spark of the Night’ approach.

Check out more looks ‘Hitting the Streets’ from World Soccer Shop.

The ‘Spark of the Night’ jerseys all incorporate the aspects of the club heritage, fans, and cities in the darker jersey with highlights of color designed to stand out at the under the lights of the night matches of the European football that plays so well for fans as a casual off-the-field look.

The runner-up for the cover featured the Juventus 2015/16 Third jersey.

But don’t think that the change in approach to our catalog has changed the overall experience for soccer fans and soccer players.  World Soccer Shop has a great selection of fan gear as well as player gear.

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