Soccer jerseys are one of the most popular fashion trends with fans wearing their team jersey to cheer on their team at the stadium or while watching with friends on TV or when they are out on the town socializing.

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Sampdoria 2015/16 home jersey
Sampdoria has a great home and away look for the street.  The royal blue with White/Red/Black/White horizontal stripe around the chest (great how this details goes around the entire chest) is a clean look and with the blue stub collar with subtle White/Red/Black/White detail on the edge wears more like a polo style shirt than traditional jersey.

The placement of technical sponsor’s, Joma, logo on the right shoulder provides an added cool factor.

Sampdoria 2015/16 Away jersey
The Genoa based club’s away jersey uses the same template but in an all white look.  The key element of this jersey is the St. George Cross which is included on the home jersey but stands out more on the away jersey.  It was the original ensign of the Republic of Genoa only later adopted by England so fits right in on the Serie A club’s jersey.

2015/16 Palermo soccer jersey
Palermo makes a statement with their 2015/16 away jersey by technical sponsor Joma and will certainly grab the attention of passers-by.  The Rosanero (the Pink-Blacks) white jersey utilizes both the pink and black team colors in a unique way with the colors literally splitting duties on the detailing.  The crew collar has the right half in pink and the left half in black.  Similarly, the right sleeve cuff is pink and the left sleeve cuff black.

The pinstripes are also pink and black.  This time the upper portion of the individual pinstripes are pink and the lower portion is black.  A sash effect is created by the way the pinstripe colors come together at different points along a diagonal line on the jersey.

2015/16 Lazio Home Soccer Jersey
Lazio’s 2015/16 home jersey by technical sponsor Macron is riding the wave of the popularity of the sky blue color.  The Roman club has added depth with a unique white stripe color gradient on the chest created with white dots with larger dots near the shoulders and getting smaller as they work down the jersey.  The crew collar has a faux placket in the front and a white border and white tab at the back of the collar.

2015/16 Espanyol Home Jersey
Espanyol is truly made of the fans of the game.  The Barcelona based team was founded in 1900 and the first club formed by Spanish fans of the game.  The blue and white striped jersey features a subtle v-neck collar with a unique raised neckline around the back of the neck in blue and white stripes.  This look is continued on the outside of the sleeve cuff.