The Germany women’s national team is one of the few countries in the world that has a soccer jersey distinct from the men’s jerseys.  Die Nationalelf, the national 11, have of course won 2 Women’s World Cups (2003 & 2007) and so have the 2 stars above their federation badge and on Thursday, April 2 unveiled their official home jersey for the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

german women's national team 2015 world cup jersey

Tradition rings true with this jersey.  The solid white jersey features a black barbos style collar with red inset that gives the jersey a modern look.  The black 3-Stripes run from the collar to the end of the shoulder.  The white sleeve has a cuff made up of 2 narrow hoops, a vented red hoop on the inside and a black hoop on outer edge.  This red/black look is used on the waist hemline as well.

german women's national team badge
The federation logo is over the heart while the adidas logo is over the right chest.

The jersey will makes its on-field debut against Brazil on Wednesday, April 8 in Fuerth, Germany

The Germany Women’s National Team Home Soccer Jersey will be available at World Soccer Shop.  Coming Soon.