Days after David Alaba revealed the primary launch colourway of the soon to be released f50 adiZero, Gareth Bale has given us a sneak preview at what may be his exclusive colourway.
Bale has fast become one of adidas’ biggest players, trumped only maybe by Lionel Messi, so it comes as little surprise that he may be receiving his own bespoke colourway. This white and silver colourway is considerably less flashy than the solar red release colourway we saw on the feet of David Alaba and we imagine that it will look brilliant when combined with the Real Madrid home kit.
From a visual standpoint the big thing about this new adiZero is the absence of the iconic three stripes on its side. There have been rumours that adidas have been looking to move away as having the stripes as the stand out design on its boots and this looks to be the first shot at it. Elsewhere on the boot the SprintFrame solepate has been replaced along with a new stud configuration, and adidas have introduced an intriguing new upper – making this well and truly a brand new adiZero.

While we will have all the details about the new adiZero come its release in late January, rest assured in the mean time we will be keeping you up to date with all major spottings of this intriguing new release.