The PSG-MIA conflict, Miroslav Klose retirement, Stephen Curry adopting soccer gear and transfer ban for two Spanish giants. Let’s take a look on the top soccer moments of this week.

MIA vs PSG: Club threaten to sue over music video


MIA wears a custom PSG away jersey in her “Borders” video, photo via https://twitter.com/MIAuniverse

In one of the most discussed topics during recent days, rapper M.I.A. has clashed with Paris Saint-Germain for using their jersey in a music video released back in November. She posted a tweet with a letter allegedly sent by the club’s lawyers, where they request the video to be taken down and the singer to stop using their image to promote herself and her music.

The video depicts refugees trying to climb fences and sail to Europe in crowded boats, and M.I.A. is seen a couple of times wearing the PSG 14/15 away jersey with a slight modification: ‘Fly Emirates’ logo has been altered to read ‘Fly Pirates’. The club shareholders and the sponsors were not too happy to be involved with the video and allegedly sent the letter as a legal warning.

M.I.A. will not hold back and has made very clear that she will stand her ground against the club’s demands. From her point of view, PSG is completely ignoring the message behind the video and just going behind the money. The club, on the other hand, has yet to officially pronounce, but is clear that they want their sporting image to be kept away from politics.


Miroslav Klose reportedly set to retire this summer


Miroslav Klose celebrates one of the goals he scored with Lazio, photo via L’Equipe

Italian media is claiming that German striker Miroslav Klose is thinking about hanging his boots when this season wraps-up next summer. Klose has been playing for Lazio since 2011, scoring 56 goals in 152 appearances with the Roman club. He is best known for his performances with the German National Team, being notably prolific in the FIFA World Cup and being the tournament’s all-time leading scorer with 16 goals.

We should take this reports with a pinch of salt, though, as last week something similar happened with Didier Drogba. Social Media shared histories claiming that the Ivorian had decided to retire and pursue a coaching career in his beloved Chelsea, but the player himself put an end to those histories and said he had not announced anything yet. We’ll have to wait and see if Klose confirms or denies the end of his brilliant career.


Stephen Curry Inspired by Lionel Messi Wears Shin Guards in NBA Match


Stephen Curry training with soccer shin guards, photo via https://twitter.com/SherwoodStrauss

We love to see how athletes find ways to connect with different sports. This time we’ll talk about NBA MVP Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors, who found a way to play through a shin bruise that has been affecting him during the past few games. ESPN reporter Ethan Sherwood Strauss has stated that Curry will don soccer Shin Guards to protect his injury while playing against the Portland Trail Blazers.

It is well known that Curry is a Lionel Messi fan (who isn’t, though?) and a few weeks ago he sent Messi a signed jersey to congratulate him for hitting the 30 million followers mark on Instagram. When asked about the shin guards, Curry simply replied: “I’ve got to bring out my Messi mindset tonight, so we’ll see…”


Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid banned from the next two transfer window


Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid banned, cartoon by R4six (https://twitter.com/r4six)

Have you wondered why Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal had not debuted for FC Barcelona? Well, FIFA handed them a transfer window ban due to signing underage players without following the official regulations on the matter. Well, now it’s turn for both Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid to face the same issue… and for the same reasons. They can sign new players, but will not able to register them with the ban, that will not affect this transfer window.

FIFA has released a official statement claiming that both clubs “were found to have violated several provisions concerning the international transfer and first registration of minor players as well as other relevant provisions with regard to the registration and participation of certain players in competitions”. Both are expected to appeal, but hopes are not too high seeing as FC Barcelona tried and failed to do exactly that back in 2014.


These were the top soccer moments of this week, let us know which others would you like to discuss and leave your opinions in the comments section below. See you next week!