Switzerland was not the only team with issues related to their jersey in their Group A match against France.  The hosts were the ‘away’ side in the match but their alternate look did not match the France 2016 Away Jersey unveiled earlier this year.

France pulled on a white jersey with light blue sleeves rather than their official away jersey by Nike which features a dark blue right sleeve and red left sleeve designed to emulate the French flag.

The reason for the change was that the jersey with red and blue sleeves does not meet UEFA jersey regulations.   Confederation regulations state:

8.05 – Both sleeves must be identical in terms of colour and appearance (e.g. pattern or design), except for hooped, banded, striped and checked shirts, on which one sleeve may be composed of one of the two main colours and the other sleeve of the other main colour.



France did, however, wear the 2-color sleeve jersey when they faced the Netherlands in a friendly on May 25 of this year.

The ‘official’ France 2016 Away Soccer Jersey is available at World Soccer Shop.