Nike Soccer and the French Football Federation have unveiled their collection for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, with new home and away jerseys for the French Men’s National Team and a fashionable contemporary line. Elegance and innovation combine with a younger, bolder generation of French footballers for the creation of a new chapter in Les Bleus’ revered history.





Both of France’s World Cup jerseys will have Fast Fit Vaporknit technology. The home jersey celebrates the classic Tricolore look, inspired by the nation’s flag. The collar has a single button placket, a unique feature compared to the usual Nike jersey. The button itself has the national motto “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” embossed around it.





With a darker blue, the sleeves offer a contrast, with lighter shades of blue overlayed in a creative pattern. Both the home and away has a tricolore tape at the back of the neck, with “Nos Differences Nous Unisset” (“Our Differences Unite Us”) inscribed in a hexagonal badge.




Both jerseys also feature a new typography set, inspired by art deco and other elements from within the collection.





The away jersey is white-clad with a subtle tricolore speckle pattern woven in. A more standard collar is also present for the French clash jersey. The cockerel, France’s crest, is lighter on both jerseys, as its heat-transferred, and appears monochrome white on the home and navy on the away, with a star atop the crests for their 1998 World Cup victory on home soil.

Training & Fashion



France’s training and fashion line brings back the iconic Mariniere white and blue stripes as the pre-game warmup jersey.









The other main piece in France’s training and fashion line are the anthem jackets. Every variant of the jacket have all three colors of the the Tricolore featured. When the team lines up for “Le Marseillaise,” They’ll be distributed among the players to produce a look to replicate the French flag.

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