Flamengo unveiled their striking 2016 third jersey which is inspired by the Carioca club mascot, the ‘urubu’ (Black Vulture). The club adopted the vulture as a team mascot in the 1970’s after opposing fans called the red-black mass this name for years prior.

Flamengo 2016 third jersey

The black jersey features a black crew collar and a unique burnt red (almost orange) detailing on adidas 3-Stripes running from the collar along the top of the shoulders and halfway down the sleeve as well as the sleeve cuff.  The cuff has an interesting detail with the outer edge a solid burnt red and a gradient look achieved by burnt red dots on above.

Flamengo 2016 third jersey badge
The Flamengo team badge is a monochrome burnt red but is made to stand out with the 1-star above the logo in gold.  The adidas logo is also in burnt red.

The jersey and kit are following the trend of all adidas third jerseys for their top clubs (Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and Real Madrid) this season with a bolder gradient effect included with the shorts.  The top of the shorts are black but gradually become a dominant burnt red near the bottom of the short.

The Flamengo short, however, has an added feature with a graphic design of Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain).

The team debuted the jersey on field in their 3-4 loss to Ceara in the Arena Castelao on January 21.