With the 2014 World Cup under 3 weeks away, FIFA is requiring some teams to pack more bags and bring more jerseys.  The current World Cup holders Spain is 1 side that is having to scramble to add to their collection.

FIFA Rule 2, section 35 of the World Cup 2014 regulations states: “Each team shall inform FIFA of two different and contrasting colours (i.e. strips). One predominately dark and one predominately light for its official and reserve kit.”

La Furia Roja and adidas must have missed the memo as they ended up with their traditional dark red home jersey and a black jersey.  FIFA stepped in and Spain and adidas have created a white jersey.  This jersey is reportedly scheduled to be worn against the Netherlands in the opener for both teams on June 13.

Our insider at adidas has indicated that these white jerseys will not be available for sale since only a limited number were made at the last minute.

Cameroon sporting a white jersey in their last friendly

Cameroon sporting a white jersey in their last friendly

Cameroon launched a green home and gold away but these were potentially not ‘distinguishable’ enough as the Indomitable Lions played their recently friendly against Macedonia in a white jersey.  The white jersey looked very similar to the template used for the Ghana home jersey, another Puma branded team.

But what this means for other teams at the moment is unclear.  Croatia’s checkboard home jersey certainly falls short, and Australia features a gold and dark blue, and what about the hosts whose traditional yellow is paired with the royal blue away?

The effort does not stop with the jersey.  The new Germany kit includes white shorts, not the traditional black, Spain is not only changing the color of their jersey but will be seen with red socks as part of their home jersey rather than blue.

The monochromatic look may be the look of the future in soccer but it won’t have the appeal of some of the great looks of the past.

Have you seen any new looks in the lead-up to the World Cup?  Do you like the push to monochromatic kits or do you prefer the traditional looks of the past?