The Senyera. The symbol of a region with a unique culture and taste all of its own. One of the oldest flags in European history, it is waved high as the banner for which the Catalonian people and region in Spain stand by. At one of the largest stadiums in the world, the Camp Nou in Barcelona, the nearly ninety-nine thousand people in attendance supporting one of the best clubs in the world wave this golden and red flag as a symbol of pride for not only Catalonia itself, but for the club that originally stood for Catalans everywhere.


FC Barcelona’s newest home and away kits, in collaboration with Nike, pay homage to this very flag. The La Liga champions’ kits are a revolutionary take on the traditional Blaugrana, especially the home kit.


The home kit comes in the trademark Blaugrana colors of blue and garnet, with golden trim. The collar, a rounded v-neck shape, has the Senyera design-four red horizontal bars against a golden field-wrapped around the sides and back. The inside of the shirt features the club’s motto, “Més que un club (More than a club).”


For the first time in the football club’s illustrious history, horizontal stripes are the main design, replacing the traditional vertical stripes that are globally-renowned. Four garnet horizontal stripes take up the chest on the blue jersey, emulating the Catalan flag. The golden Nike swoosh on the chest is parallel to the club’s badge, at the heart of the jersey.


The shirt has golden piping streaming from the underarms all the way down to the hem.


The horizontal stripes reach around onto the back of the shirt.


The home kit comes complete with garnet shorts with blue side trim on each side and golden Nike swoosh logo. The socks are blue with a garnet topstripe, golden Nike logo and the club’s initials FCB on the front and golden yellow chevrons at the backside.



The away kit comes in golden yellow with blue and garnet trim. The collar is round, and has a blue and garnet stripe taking up the sides and back.


The away kit has a look reminiscent of older Barcelona clash kits in terms of color schemes, giving it a classic feel.


Blue trim can be seen on both sides. The side piping is seen from the sleeves through the underarms to the ends of the shirt.


The plain look at the front gives way to the back of the shirt, which has four garnet vertical stripes. It gives a look of the Senyera as if hung vertically.


The full body look has blue shorts with darker blue stripes, continuing the side-piping striped pattern from the shirt, and a yellow Nike logo. The socks are yellow with blue Nike swoosh and FCB initials, and blue chevrons in the back.

The shirt has several partners, with Qatar Airways at the front, Beko on the left sleeves and UNICEF at the back, under where the name and number will be placed.

The 2015-16 FC Barcelona Home & Away kits will be available soon at WorldSoccerShop.com.