The FC Barcelona crest is iconic to soccer fans in every corner of the globe. The distinctive shield style crest was the inspiration of Carles Comamala and adopted in 1910. The current crest is largely the same design as the one the former player and club director presented over 100 years ago.

But what makes this crest so cool?

The shield style badge has a gold outline the top half includes the St. George’s Cross in the left quadrant and the red stripes running vertically on a yellow background from the colors of the flag of Catalonia in the right quadrant.

A gold band divides the badge in half with ‘FCB,’ the club’s initials, in black on the band.

The entire bottom half of the badge has blue and red vertical stripes. The design is a tribute to the famous colors of the FC Barcelona home soccer jersey. A vintage soccer ball sits proudly in the middle of the blue and red striping.

One question fans regularly ask (especially when they first are learning about Barca) is; why is St George’s Cross on the club’s crest?

St. George’s Cross is most frequently associated with the Flag of England. It is also on some other club crest, most notably AC Milan, that was founded by Englishmen.

The answer is simple.

St. George is a patron saint of England as well as Catalonia. In Catalonia the saint is known as Saint Jordi.

Catalonian mythology tells the story of the brave knight who saves the king’s daughter from a dragon terrorizing their village. The knight slays the dragon with red blood spurting on the ground and is eventually made a saint.

One of the club’s all-time great players Johan Cruyff endeared himself to the fans with his spectacular play on the field but touched their hearts when he named his son Jordi after the Catalan saint.

The current version of the logo was designed (or more accurately refined) by Claret Serrahima in 2002. The periods between the FCB initials were removed and the lines made cleaner with fewer points on the shield.

Barcelona has used one lesser known crest and club name for that matter. During the dictatorship of Francisco Franco signs of regional nationalism, like the Catalonian flag, were banned, as well as the club being banned from using non-Spanish names forcing them to adopt the name Club de Futbol Barcelona during this period.

This laws forced the badge to change to include ‘CFB’ on the dividing bar as well as removing 2 of the 4 red stripes from the Catalan flag inspired design in the right quadrant.


History of the FC Barcelona club crest (image courtesy of FC Barcelona)


But this was not the originally design for the FC Barcelona crest adopted after the club was formed by Joan Gamper along with other Swiss, English, and Catalonian soccer players in 1899. The original FC Barcelona had the quartered diamond-shaped Barcelona coat of arms at the center topped with the Crown of Aragon and heraldic bat.

The logo is flanked by a branch from a laurel tree and a branch from a palm tree that are intertwined at the bottom.

‘Futbol Club Barcelona’ and the founding date of ‘1899’ was written around the coat of arms.