Amongst the smallest of UEFA  and FIFA members, the Faroe Islands (located in between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean about half way between Iceland and Norway for the geographically challenged) have shown signs of improvements in recent times.

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Gone are the days when the men’s national team would be the victims of double-digit thrashings in EURO and World Cup qualification runs. Now the Faroes usually hold their own and rarely lose by more than two goals per competitive fixture.

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With their UEFA EURO 2016 qualification campaign now underway, the Faroe Islands Football Association and adidas have released the home and away kits to be worn by the national team during the 2014/15 international soccer calendar.

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The new jerseys uses adidas’ now time-tested Tiro 13 template that we first saw in the summer of 2013. The home shirt is largely white with blue blocks on its sleeves. It is matched with blue shorts and white socks. The away kits reverses the color scheme used for the home uniform with a predominantly blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks comprising the Faroes’ alternate look.

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The Faroe Islands wore the new home kit when they in their first EURO 2016 qualifier against Finland earlier this month. As usual, the islanders made a good match during the encounter and even went up 1-0 before losing 1-3.