Ahead of their opening Champions League game against Schalke, Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas were both spotted training in blacked-out pairs of the next generation Puma evoPower.
Nine months on from the release of the first evoPower, Puma have evidently started testing out Mark II of its ‘power’ boot. Thanks to images taken at Chelsea’s training ground, we have been able to catch a sneak peek of a boot that we will probably only see officially released in 2015.
From what these images show Puma looked to have changed quite a few things from the original evoPower. Most obviously, the AccuFoam that helps give the evoPower its “power” label seems to have been tweaked. This contributes to a far more ribbed design on the upper when compared to original evoPower.
Both Matic and Fabregas are high profile wearers of the evoPower, so it is little surprise to see that Puma have given both players the opportunity to test out these intriguing prototypes. That being said, we do not think that they will be the only ones. Thanks to the sheer number of players wearing the evoPower, including Yaya Toure, Marco Reus, and Mario Balotelli, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for various prototypes popping up from time to time.