As we continue the countdown towards this summer’s EURO 2016 tournament, we have a compendium of the jerseys all 24 teams competing in France will be wearing. Europe’s top prize is on the line in France, as some of the top teams and players in the continent and the world converge representing their nations. We’ll give a thorough breakdown of who will wear what this summer. We also have a Copa América Centenario overview.

Group A



Albania will make their debut in a major international tournament this summer, and have enlisted Macron to provide their kits for the occasion. Their trio of jerseys – the red home, white away and black third – all each feature a faded sublimated print based from Albania’s two-headed eagle.

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All eyes will be laid upon the hosts France, as they roll out their latest jerseys from Nike, the first of the innovative Nike Vapor kits with AeroSwift technology line. Cobalt blue, navy and red gives a fresh-looking French home jersey, and the white away kit with mainly navy details features alternating blue and red sleeves, replicating the French flag when the jersey is in action.

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With a strong, stout defense, Romania have earned their ticket to EURO 2016 in France. Like fellow Group A side Albania, they leave adidas for a new technical supplier in time for the European tournament, as they are now wearing Joma-branded kits. The new looks are a standard but serviceable fare, with the yellow home with red trim and the away in reversed colors, both with a blue collar with yellow and red trim.

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Switzerland are eagerly anticipating their fourth EURO tournament this summer in France, and will have a pair of solid shirts on display from PUMA. The Swiss home jersey in their classic red and white features a thick white shoulder stripe on both sleeves and sublimated hoops.


The attention-grabbing away jersey is a very sweet white and red clash look. Red horizontal stripes extending down to the hem get thinner, as the center stripe has a white Swiss cross. The away jersey also has thermal details, and matching white and red striped socks.

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Group B


England unveil 2016 home and away soccer jerseys

Going away from the traditional, England’s newest pair of kits from Nike strikes its marks for innovation. The latest edition of England’s home kit features a white jersey with white shorts and blue trim, light blue shoulders and sleeves and red socks. The away follows suit with a red jersey and shorts and blue trim, redcurrant/purple sleeves, and blue socks.

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The hosts of the 2018 FIFA World Cup continue their trend of combining maroon and gold to a sublime pairing for EURO 2016. Russia’s newest primary jersey also has coat of arms sublimated all over the jersey, with golden three-stripe trim serving as piping.


Along with a different collar style, Russia’s change jersey is more bold and expressive, featuring an eagle print in front. Red trim with golden details on the back fills out the jersey, with bright blue shorts and red socks, a look evoking the nation’s flag.

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Slovakia has a pair of jerseys from PUMA that appear simple but also feature neat intricate designs. Both have a unique rounded collar with an inward v-cut, and have a shoulder stripe panels on the sleeves with thick sleeve cuffs. But their main difference, outside of the color schemes, would be the design patterns on these jerseys. The home white and blue features sublimated horizontal stripes, with the blue and light blue change employing tonal broken stripes.

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Wales are participating in their first EURO tournament, and the Dragons will be looking to exhibit one of the world’s best wingers in Gareth Bale with two hot jerseys. The home jersey is red and has white features, and a vintage look with the white v-neck collar and subtle drop needle stripes. The away offers a great contrast with its two-toned grey and electric green jersey, with the greys using a very nice horizontal striped pattern, and the bright green as the trim for the collar and adidas three-stripes.

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Group C



The world champion Germans have a pair of jerseys that feature a blend of honoring their prestigious past while sporting modern looks in France this summer. The home jersey has a wave design print graphic on their classic white jersey, along with the years of their European championships and World Cup glories on different parts. Germany’s clash jersey is perhaps the most unique in the tournament, as it can double as a reversible training jersey when the inside is used. The jersey also boasts two shades of gray as horizontal stripes with dark green sleeves and white adidas three-stripe trim on the sides, making for a very modern look.

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Northern Ireland


Like fellow British Home Nation Wales, Northern Ireland will be making their UEFA EURO debut in France with a pair of jerseys provided by adidas. Both jerseys feature a modern v-neck collar, a horizontal bar on the jersey and the standard three stripes on the shoulders. The home jersey is in green with navy sleeves, a navy/blue gradated horizontal bar with white trim, white collar and white three-stripes on the sleeves. The away is white with green collar, sleeve three-stripes and gradated two-tone horizontal bar.

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Poland, under contract with Nike, have a pair of jerseys inspired by a national icon: their eagle. Both the white and red home and solid red away tops feature a wing graphic seen at the bottom of the shirts. The graphic is grey on the home, and dark red for the clash.

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Rounding up Group C, the Ukrainian national team and adidas have united once more for a pair of new jerseys. After co-hosting the last EURO with now fellow Group C adversary Poland, the Ukrainians have qualified for EUROs for the first time. Both jerseys have a Henley-style collar, adidas three-stripes on the shoulders and a tartan pattern at the front. The home jersey comes in yellow with blue details, with the away inverting the colors.

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Group D



For the EURO 2016 tournament in France, Nike has given Croatia, a team who has a great visual identity, an update which could be also seen as an upgrade. The set features their signature checkerboard design, but gives it a more dynamic look as the pattern looks like it’s in motion. The standard home white and red jersey has blue trim, as the away features two-toned blue.

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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic will be looking to stand out in Group D with new jerseys from PUMA in France. The red home jersey has a graphic inspired by the Czech side that reached the final of the EURO 96 against Germany, as tonal red chevrons can be seen over a darker shade. The crest is also centered beneath an also-centered PUMA cat. The white, blue and red away jersey appears more conservative, with sublimated horizontal stripes, and a solid blue yolk stripe on the sleeves and shoulders.

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The second consecutive Spanish defense of the European Championship, contested on French soil, feature a new pair of eye-catching jerseys from adidas. The home jersey, in the classic red and yellow, with blue and navy cuff trim, has a sublimated triangular print, based on their hugely successful brand of play. The white away jersey takes the same theme of triangles and gives a more expressive look, in a bold colorful graphic filled with yellow and red triangles, with the RFEF crest seen as the epicenter.

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Rounding up this group of visually striking jerseys, Nike and Turkey. Influenced by the intricate mosaics seen in Byzantine architecture, both kits feature a very unique geometric grid-style pattern with a gradient from top to bottom – red to black on the home jersey, and white to turquoise on the away. Both also feature trim colors, with black for the home and a contrasting red on the change jersey.

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Group E


Currently ranked second in the world in the FIFA rankings, Belgium has a pair of jerseys for the EURO that may make the Red Devils the real deal at the end of the tournament. The home kit has red with black present on the upper chest and sleeves, and yellow trim on the cuffs an three-stripe side piping.


The away jersey, inspired by Belgian cycling kits, comes in vapor blue, with a black, yellow and red horizontal bar across the shirt, and black cuff trim with three-stripe side piping.

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EURO 2012 runner-up Italy has once again collaborated with PUMA to produce two high-quality jerseys for EURO 2016 in France. The home jersey has their latest Azzuri look with gold trim on the sleeves and shoulders, and ribbed sublimated pinstripes.


The away comes in white, featuring a blue winged collar with a gold stitched appearance, with the same shoulder stripe with gold trim and pinstripes on the body. A center stripe styled like the Italian flag with gold and blue trim is the jersey’s main attraction, with a centered FIGC badge.

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Republic of Ireland

Ireland 2016 home jersey16IRELANDA

The Republic of Ireland will look to be up to the challenge of facing Europe’s best in France with the latest set of jerseys from Umbro. The home, in the national colors of green, white and orange, has a polo collar in white with orange trim, white side piping with orange trim protruding from the bottom of the shirt, and a two-tone green diagonal stripe pattern taking up the jersey. The white and green away feels a lot more subtle, with a round collar topped with green trim. Green horizontal stripes can also be seen on the sleeves, and at the bottom of the shirt at the sides.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sweden’s goal scoring machine, will be leading his national side through some familiar places in France this summer having helped craft a domestic dynasty at now former club PSG. Zlatan and Sweden have an updated adidas home kit in yellow which has sublimated hoops, a rounded blue collar with matching trim on the cuffs and three-stripes on the sides, a change from it usually being on the shoulders.


Influenced by Sweden’s young generation, the away kit is a blue number with three different shades of gray present in front. The lightest grey, taking up the upper chest to the shoulders, is the same shade as the three stripes that appear on the sides. Under that are two more gray horizontal bands, one darker than the other at the center. The jersey has a fresh cotton t-shirt-like effect.

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Group F


The first team in the final group of this expanded EURO tournament has Austria returning with PUMA supplying their tops. The home jersey is the more daring of this latest pair, with a diagonal graphic print in differing tones over the traditional red. White thick shoulder stripes on the sleeves are broken up by red trim near the cuffs.


The away kit is a simple white and black jersey. The v-neck collar gives it a more vintage look, with black filling in as the color for the collar, shoulder yoke stripe on the sleeves, and the sleeve cuffs. Like every other team wearing PUMA, the away comes with ACTV Thermo-R taping.

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Austria’s eastern neighbor Hungary will be appearing in their first European Championship since 1972. The National Eleven are suiting up in serviceable teamwear from longtime technical supplier adidas. The home jersey is red, but is noticeably darker than the usual red, with white v-neck collar and three-stripes on the shoulders. The away is the invert of the home, white with red trim. Both also feature green bands on the sleeves and at the hem of the jersey.

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Iceland Euro 2016 home soccer jerseyIceland Euro 2016 away jersey

Making their first berth into the EUROs is Iceland, who’ve stuck it out with longtime technical suppliers Errea, and in turn received two stylish new outfielder jerseys for the dance in France. Both jerseys, blue home and white away, come with a modern y-neck collar with an insert. The main design for both is a red, white and blue stripe racing down the left side over the heart of the kit, featuring a bubble effect, with the bubbles appearing larger the closer they are to the badge. The jerseys come with white details to aid the home, and blue details likewise on the away.

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As we end Group F, Cristiano Ronaldo, the otherworldly superstar for Portugal, will be the main attraction for his nation again for the EURO 2016 tournament in France. Something else that will almost grab all the headlines would be the new pair of jerseys provided for A Selecção by Nike. Both kits are cutting-edge advanced looks, with geometric mesh patterns seen on the chest and sides. The home has red with green trim, and garnet sleeves and shoulders, while the away comes in bright green with a tonal shade on the sleeves, and dark green trim.

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