England are in the spotlight, as the Three Lions are the latest nation to sport a new look ahead of EURO 2016. Nike provides the kits for the English, as they’ll be wearing a unique take on their standard uniforms.


The newest home jersey comes in white with light blue and bright blue details. A modern v-neck collar up top has blue trim that wraps around the back, but is cut off at the front. The sleeves have a very interesting look, with light blue covering the arms accompanying tonal white pinstripes. The chest has the English crest across from a blue Nike swoosh. Blue trim side piping streaks down the sides onto white shorts, creating a uniform look. This unique home kit comes complete with red socks with blue Nike swooshes in front and tonal redcurrant striped panels at the calves.


This jersey has England etched on the back of the collars.


When the cuffs on the sleeves are rolled up, “Three” and “Lions” are inset within on the right and left sleeves, respectively.


The change jersey is just as intriguing as the home, with red, blue and redcurrant appearing. Blue trim on a modern v-neck collar breaks up the redcurrant tonal striped sleeves. The blue trim also serves as connected side piping for both the shirt and shorts. Across from the English crest at the heart, a white Nike swoosh occupies the right side of the chest. This kit comes with red shorts and blue socks with red Nike swooshes and tonal dark blue striped panels at the calves.

The Nike England EURO 2016 Home & Away jerseys will be available soon at World Soccer Shop.