Nike unveiled the new England home and away soccer kits today.  The new looks are inspired by England’s football history and culture and have some unique features that will make these stand out from previous jerseys.

England_HomeThe home jersey design is based on the ‘kit England wore in Mexico in 1970’ and the ‘idea of the armour of English knights.’  Two inspirations that would appear at first glance not to go well together work for this jersey.

The all-white jersey includes a pinstripe effect in the fabric.  The engraved look gives the jersey more depth than some of England’s more recent jerseys.  The v-neck collar and the white satin tape on the shoulders gives a classic look.

England_Home_trioThe Three Lions crest was updated to stand out.  A metallic weave is used on the crest that make the badge come to life when it catches the light.  The England badge includes the 1 star representing their World Cup title in 1966.

The inside back of the collar has a pennant tab with silver pinstripes that combine to create a St. George’s cross.

English typographer Neville Brody created the font for the letters and numbers.  “The core inspiration was to focus on the intersection between flair and workmanlike reliability,” Brody said of his design.  “The industrialised suggestion of a stencil was simultaneously based on a pinstripe motif, combining style with no-frills efficiency.”

England_Home_KitThe full kit is completed with matching white shorts that have a similar white satin tape along the side of the shorts and white socks.

England_AwayThe away jersey is red with a similar pinstripe effect.  The away jersey takes it a step further and includes a subtle sublimated graphic of St George’s cross which is only visible from a distance.

The jersey has a unique version of a rounded collar.  The front panel of the jersey goes to the top of the jersey and is finished to complete the front of the neckline.  This element was included to allow the St. George’s cross to be as large as possible.  A more traditional ribbed collar completes the rounded collar.

England_Away_DuoThe away jersey is also enhanced to allow make it appear whiter and allow for the Three Lions to come alive under UV light.

A similar pinstripe effect is used inside the away jersey collar to once again create a subtle St. George’s cross.

England_Away_KitThe away kit is completed with white shorts with red tape on the side and red socks.

Do you like the new England home and away jerseys?  Which do you think looks better?  Which will you add to your jersey collection?  Talk about your soccer passion on Soccer365.

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