The American Outlaws are a visible and vocal force every time one of the U.S. national teams takes the field.  The supporter group has 160+ chapters in the U.S. and even 1 in England and over 30,000 members as the urge the Stars and Stripes to victory on home soil and overseas.

american outlaws 1-day sale t-shirt

In celebration of the support of the Outlaws, World Soccer Shop is offering a one-day sale on some American Outlaw inspired presidential t-shirts on you guessed it Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 16, 2015.  The black t-shirts feature the iconic portrait of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln from their $1 and $5 bills, respectively with each wearing a US flag bandana and the American Outlaw script.

These will be classics but are only available for 1-day only.

Do you know the history of the American Outlaws? Check out this short interview by ‘The Pilgrimer’ with founders Korey Donahoo and Justin Brunken at the home of the very first chapter, Captain Jack’s bar, to get their story.

And while you are shopping for your American Outlaws t-shirt exclusively at World Soccer Shop you can check out for the first time the official (non-leaked) images of the new USA 2015 Away Soccer Jersey which will be available for at World Soccer Shop on Wednesday, February 18.

2015/16 usa away jersey

What do you think about the American Outlaws Washington and Lincoln t-shirts?  Are you going to be wearing one at the next match?  And are you ready for the Bomb Pops replacement?  Big shoes to fill…