EA Sports has socked it to their rivals quietly becoming the official ‘Sockatyes’ sock advertising placement for several La Liga teams, including the 2013/14 champions Atletico Madrid. The deal with Sockatyes includes more than 20 clubs in Spain’s first and second divisions.

Photo courtesy Villarreal twitter account

Photo courtesy Villarreal twitter account

The Sockatyes elastic strap is worn over the club sock and while the Chinese brand claims it helps circulation and prevents injuries it appears to be purely an additional sponsorship placement.  The location stands out as cameras follow the ball on player’s feet.

The 2-year deal was signed in the 2014/15 campaign and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer was the initial partner.  The long term success of the Sockatyes sponsorship is still up in the air as many players cover the sponsor’s logo with tape.  And the deal does not include the league’s top 2 teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid.