EA Sports has to be given some credit for bringing soccer into the mainstream in the U.S. with their popular game EA Sports FIFA Soccer. 

The game made soccer cool for many young fans who never played the game but have become fans since picking up the game controls and has found fame with major sports stars, most notably the NBA’s Steve Nash who appeared in a series of commercials for the game back in 2010, declaring their love of FIFA Soccer.

ea sports capture lab

The promotion and hype have brought new fans to the game but the action on the field and EA’s attention to the details is what keeps them playing. WorldSoccerShop.com was recently visiting EA Sports in Vancouver, Canada and was able to take a tour of the Capture Lab to see makes it to the virtual field.

ea sports capture lab field
The field is set up and is surrounded by so many lights and cameras you feel like you must be on a Hollywood set.  The red dots in the image each are a location for a camera.

ea sports black uniforms
Like at every stadium around the world, the players get suited up before stepping out on the field.  At the Capture Lab that means pulling on the black uniform and shoes.  The all black outfits and shoes with a reflective tape reference point help the cameras capture the movements of the players.  This makes what you see on the game realistic.

And EA Sports makes sure these movements are the true moves of the players.  While we were taking the tour, players from the Major League Soccer side the Vancouver Whitecaps were going through a session repeating the same moves much like in a regular team training session.

ea sports capture lab
Once the players are on the field the action can be seen in real time as if the game was being played out on the field and the monitor.

The entire facility can be packed up and taken on the road.  And the Vancouver Capture Lab can be converted to an ice rink to allow for hockey game action to be developed.

It is not only the movements of the players but also the look of the players that EA Sports makes sure is 100% life-like.  We were lucky to be in the house with Graham Zusi.  The Sporting Kansas City and U.S. international midfielder was in Vancouver to be in the hot seat.

Ea sports capture lab graham zusi
Once in the hot seat, EA goes to work creating an exact image of your face to be used for the game.  It is an impressive set up that has traveled the world getting the look of the players that walk out before each match.

Now that you have had a chance to go behind the scenes, it is time for us to pack up as well and head back to the World Soccer Shop HQ and for you to go get settled on the couch and kick-off your next EA Sports FIFA match.