By Brian Jennings – Colorado’s Captain Drew Moor has been an adidas athlete since his early days in MLS as part of the “Generation Adidas”. 

“I came into the league Generation Adidas so they didn’t have a choice-they had to sign me,” laughed Moor last month.  “They’ve made some cuts recently but fortunately I hope to continue for the rest of my career because they’ve been good to me and they have as good of stuff as any company out there.”

As Moor took off his black/electricity adidas Predator LZ TRX FG boots following last Wednesday’s final full-team training session, and gathered up a second pair in vivid berry before heading for the locker room, he explains for 365.WorldSoccerShop.com what he looks for in a boot and how the vibrant colors are a far cry from his standard as a younger player.  “Adidas sends me what they do.  I’m a basic black and white guy but everybody these days is wearing these colors so it makes a little bit of a statement,” admits Moor, who first became hooked on the classic adidas Copa.  “I’m kind of a boring guy so a splash of color never hurt anybody.”

As the remaining clubs look ahead to advancing to the MLS Cup in December, Colorado’s Drew Moor and the rest of the Rapids have quietly wrapped up their 2013 campaign following a knockout-round playoff loss to Seattle.  “Adidas will send me new colors and say you need to go ahead and wear this color.  If we were still in the playoffs I’d have to be wearing the pink ones.”  Like many players in MLS, Moor wore the vivid berry pink boots in support of Breast Cancer awareness in October.  “They’ll send them out a week or two in advance so you can break them in so they’re very good about that.  But, unless they tell me to change colors I’ll wear the other ones as long as I can.”

That can be half the season if things go well according to Moor.  While some players seemingly always have a shiny new pair on their feet, Drew Moor likes the comfort level as long as they hold out.   “It takes me 2 weeks to get any soccer shoes fitted in to where I like them,” Moor explains on his time frame.  “Even if it’s the same shoe, just a newer pair, I like to wear them for 6 months.  A lot of guys wear new cleats for every single game, but I wear 2-3 pairs max over the course of an entire season.  I like to fit like a sock and I don’t want to be breaking in boots every month.”

Moor has been a rock in Colorado’s backline featuring 2 MLS rookies alongside and took over the captain’s armband from departed legend Pablo Mastroeni this season.  Drew explains players have a wide range of ways to break in new boots, but his tried and tested theory is pretty basic.  “Everybody does it differently-some guys take them in the shower with them or get in the bathtub-I usually just take my time with them,” explains Moor on his process.  “I’ll wear them for warm-ups the first time then go change, and then the next day 10 minutes longer and progressively get into it.  When you first get them they’re kind of stiff so it’s definitely a process for me and that’s why I like break them in like that.”

Regarding his adidas Predators, Moor can absolutely tell the difference in the weight of today’s version versus his old-school kangaroo leather boots he was so fond of in the past.  “They’re definitely light.  You pick them up now and you almost feel like they could float.  The weight thing is big, but you have to be professional and be comfortable because it’s a long season if you’re going to have blisters on your feet.”

And did you ever wonder what became of the old worn-out or out-of-style boots the Rapids players end up with throughout a long MLS season?  “We’ve got donation bins, there’s one that (teammate) Vicente (Sanchez) is sending to Uruguay, we send some to Central America or Africa a lot,” Moor points out.  “I definitely don’t waste them and throw them away.”