Drake loves the lineup of official adidas soccer jerseys but is having a hard time admitting it. The rapper sported a 2015/16 Juventus away jersey with the adidas logo airbrushed out earlier this year and he is at it again with teammate Future.

The pair have taken the stage together on their joint Summer Sixteen tour and recently released their joint video ‘Used to This’ where they are on a soccer field sporting national team jerseys of Mexico. But once again Drake’s creative team has photoshoped out the adidas logos and appears to have altered the 3-Stripes running down the shoulders of Future’s 2016 Mexico Away jersey.



In the background of the video, two women’s teams are getting ready for a match and decked out in a fashion the former FIFA president Sepp Blatter would not doubt be pleased with. The players are wearing red and green halter top jerseys with ‘Mexico’ hot pants.



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Drake is a Nike Jordan brand signing so has trouble with the adidas logo as part of his look. Oh well maybe next time the musician can select a team with Nike as a sponsor. Future had no issue has he is signed with Reebook although Reebok is owned by adidas so not quite the same conflict.



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