There are two Jamie Vardys, Zidane came up with a solution to his pants problems and Zlatan terrorizes yet another innocent soul in a job interview. Let’s see this week’s Top Soccer Moments!

Jamie Vardy was with no doubt one of the biggest influences for Leicester City Premier League championship, and pretty much every soccer fan would love to be in his place. A Foxes fan is a step closer than anyone else, he looks like the lost (and not evil, we hope) twin brother of the English striker. Leicester players awarded him with a ride on their bus when they noticed him among the crowd celebrating the title with them.

Speaking of Leicester’s title, you better check out this awesome Soccer/Star Wars mash-up by JOE.co.uk. Perfect for May the 4th.

We could write this entire piece about Leicester City (and no one would mind), but for the sake of variety and to honor some other pretty good histories we’ll keep it short. However, you must see their new 2016/17 home jersey, the Social Media outburst following their crowning and find out why it’s impossible to get their current kits.

Some were very upset about Donald Trump’s remarks on illegal immigrants, but Argentinian TV network TyC Sports took the matter lightly and decided to use his controversial words to promote Argentina’s participation in Copa América Centenario by stating “They best they can do, is to not let us in” to indicate that Americans should fear Lionel Messi and co. We’ll see what happens next month.

The UEFA Champions League final will pit Real Madrid against Atlético de Madrid, same as 2014. Zinedine Zidane, in charge of Cristiano Ronaldo an his pals, has faced a minor problem with his pants, as they tore open in two different UCL games. In a recent interview with BT Sport, the Frenchman has revealed that he will wear a bigger size to avoid further issues.

Remember Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s web series with Vitamin Well? He was handed with the responsibility of driving another job interview, and we gotta say the new interviewee has some guts. When asked about her favorite soccer player she didn’t say Zlatan, and when Ibra confronted her about it she stood on her place. We wonder who’s the one she doesn’t like…

The Polish Cup final between Legia Warsaw and Lech Poznan had an incredible and hellish atmosphere, courtesy of fans from both sides. That’s a whole new level…

In other news, Portland Timbers goalkeeper Jake Gleeson was named MLS Player of the week thanks to his jaw-dropping performance on Sunday against Toronto FC. With that, Gleeson became the first GK to be awarded this year in Major League Soccer.

This is the end… for this edition of Top Soccer Moments! be sure to come back next week and read about what’s going on in the soccer world!