Doncaster Rovers decided to allow a fan to design their 2016/17 away soccer jersey but have come under fire when Rovers’ fan and One Direction member Louis Tomlinson was selected as the winner.

“I designed the kit with my granddad when I was home a few weeks ago,” the boy band member told the team’s official website. “We used to go to Belle Vue together so it has always been a family affair with us and to now have a hand in next seasons away shirt is brilliant. I can’t wait to see my team wearing it.”

The League One football club stated that Tomlinson’s design earned 33.7% of the fan vote but most fans thought it could not merely be a coincidence that one of the club’s famous fans won the honor.

Fans on social media were questioning whether maybe…just maybe this was a publicity stunt looking to drum up sales of the team’s jersey.

Jake Laughton posted shortly after the announcement ‘You kidding me, the away shirt was coincidently designed by Louis Tomlinson and it coincidently won?! Awful, just awful!!!!!’ and then returned to social media to say he was becoming famous for his initial tweet.

The club is standing by their man, however.  A spokesperson for Doncaster Rovers said:

“The process for receiving kit designs, shortlisting and the public voting for our kit design competition followed strict legal guidance to ensure that the club adhered to competition law and that all processes were fair.

“We are aware that the result of the competition has attracted some mixed feedback, but we can assure our fans that the voting process for the 2016/17 shirt designs was all was fair and above board.”

The club will make no further comment at this time.

This is not the first time Tomlinson has been part of a supposed club promotional stunt.  He make his professional debut for the reserve side which had fans coming from all over the world, including the United States, to see the match.

Who cares about who designed the jersey is it really that bad?