Recife in the Northeast state of Pernambuco will host the U.S.A.’s final Group H match against Germany and the team and fans will be greeted by an inspirational graffiti mural by Derlon on the way to the match at Arena Pernambuco on Thursday, June 26.

world soccer shop derlon mural

washington crossing the delaware
The mural is a soccer representation of the famous Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze painting ‘Washington Crossing the Delaware.’’  The selection could not be more appropriate as the original painting depicts General George Washington making his surprise river crossing on the way to attack Hessian (German) forces in the Battle of Trenton.

Derlon getting to work on the World Soccer Shop mural

Derlon getting to work on the World Soccer Shop mural

world soccer shop derlon graffiti
The painting has the distinct style of Derlon de Almeida, better known as just Derlon.  The 29-year-old has combined old and new techniques to create his style.  His primary influence is from woodcut stamp techniques.  The style creates a look with very distinct lines and sharp contrasts in the imagery.

derlon art
His work usually does not include much, if any color, but with this mural he has added the very distinct look of the U.S. away soccer jersey, known as the bomb pop.  This makes the jersey stand out and ties it in to the USA Flags that players are holding.

Derlon's almost blank canvas/wall

Derlon’s almost blank canvas/wall

Derlon was in college studying social sciences when he decided to ‘change careers’ and focus on his art.  The move was a good one as he has art on show all over Europe, including France, Portugal, Holland, and the UK.




Derlon world soccer shop mural

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