D.C. United, 4-time MLS Cup champions, revealed a redesigned badge last December. The new badge along with other details on the jersey celebrating the Black-and-Red as the District of Columbia’s team adorn the new home jersey by adidas that was unveiled over the weekend.


United stays true to tradition with a solid black jersey with red and white detail colors but for the first time include three tributes to the District of Columbia.


The neck tape has the quote ‘Taxation Without Representation’ which is the unofficial motto of the District.  Residents of the District of Columbia pay Federal taxes but have no representation in Congress with groups like DC Vote fighting for these rights.  The D.C. United Eagle appears between each word.


The jersey has a rounded v-neck collar in black but at the back of the collar is a red and white tape that includes the silhouettes of the U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Monument.


The final tribute is the outline of the District inlaid with the flag of Washington, D.C. at the lower right hand corner of the jersey.


Along with the fresh new crest are four silver stars for their four MLS Cups championships. The sleeves have red and white cuffs. Faint black horizontal stripes take up the front of the shirt.  Leidos returns as the shirt sponsor for D.C. United.  The new logo will also be on D.C. United’s away jersey from last season.

The 2016 D.C. United home jersey is available at World Soccer Shop.