The Premier League has taking over in the U.S.  With fans buying jerseys, gathering in bars to watch matches with fellow supporters, including their favorite players on fantasy soccer teams, and playing out upcoming results on EA Sports and there is no argument over who is the most popular team in the U.S…

Crystal Palace!

OK, well maybe there is some argument about the most popular team but there should not be for fans in the U.S.

NBC's Rebecca Lowe is a fan of the Eagles (image courtesy NBC)

NBC’s Rebecca Lowe is a fan of the Eagles (image courtesy NBC)

The team colors are red, white, and blue and the mascot is an eagle.  The south London side are the only Premier League team to institute an all-American tradition…cheerleaders.  New fans will certainly not be accused of jumping on the bandwagon.  And your favorite face each weekend introducing the upcoming set of fixtures and keeping you up-to-date on the day’s action, NBC’s studio anchor for Premier League action Rebecca Lowe, is a fan of Crystal Palace.


Attilo Lombardo (left) and a Crystal Palace 1997/98 jerseys being given away on #CrystalPalaceDay

And if all that is not enough the founder of WorldSoccerShop, Bernard F, is a lifelong fan of Palace having grown up ‘a stone’s throw’ from Selhurst Park.  Bernard frequently questions why the shop does so little for his beloved side.  A team that taught him about passion, pride, and loyalty.

Andrew Johnson (left) and a 2005/06 Crystal Palace jersey being given away on #CrystalPalaceDay

Andrew Johnson (left) and a 2005/06 Crystal Palace jersey being given away on #CrystalPalaceDay

The action was on and off the field ‘back in the day’ with memorable players, goals, and results as well as an unforgettable moment in the chaos outside of Selhurst Park when a local nun was disciplining a troublesome away fan.  The nun turned out to be a local hooligan dressed up as a nun but the intention was good; protect the ground at Selhurst Park.

Signed Crystal Palace Jersey from 2005

Signed Crystal Palace Jersey from 2008

After opening WorldSoccerShop in 2000, we all knew Bernard was a Crystal Palace supporter but it became clear he was a ‘nutter’ when he showed up at the office after a trip home with a jersey signed and framed jersey by the team in 2008. And with that being said, Monday, November 3 is official declared #CrystalPalaceDay.  The Eagles host Sunderland that day and WorldSoccerShop will be the celebrating all that is Crystal Palace as well as handing out some pretty cool prizes.

And Bernard will be very happy knowing his Eagles are without question the most popular team in the U.S., atleast for this one day.

Sharing your passion for Crystal Palace on #CrystalPalaceDay and every other day of the year.  WorldSoccerShop.