The Premier League, the world’s best soccer league in the country that invented the game, is starting to become ‘Americanized.’  Don’t turn your nose down to quickly and think ‘say it ain’t so!’  When Crystal Palace were promoted to England’s top division last season, they brought with them their game and their cheerleaders, the Crystals.

The London side are still the only team in the Premier League to have a cheerleading squad.

Needless to say this is an ‘all-American’ look.  The hotpants, bare midriffs, and a subtle butt cheek peeking out from behind would fit in well on any sports field in the U.S.

The team must be getting the players spirits up recently as the Eagles were 1 of the Premier League’s hottest teams with a 5 game winning streak until last weekend when they lost to title challengers Manchester City.  The run of form is largely responsible for the team climbing out of the relegation zone and securing their place in the league next season.

But the run had the girls singing ‘I Love It’

This was not the first time the squad took to singing out about their boys.  This first video came after the team won promotion with a 1-0 win over Watford in the 2012/13 English Championship playoff final courtesy of a Kevin Phillips penalty at the end of first half extra time.

Do you think more Premier League teams should get cheerleaders?  Would this get you up early to check out games?