Liga MX club Cruz Azul has launched its Apertura 2018 jerseys from Under Armour. The countdown continues to the start of the Apertura 2018 half-season this weekend, and the latest jersey launch comes from one of Mexico’s most established and popular clubs.



La Maquina’s jerseys for the season all each share the same unique template, with several color variants.

Cruz Azul’s traditional blue home jersey has a “Mandarin” style collar with a white bit at the center. The shoulders are blue, but a white insert with blue Under Armour label leads to bright red at the bottom of the sleeves.

A white Under Armour logo is placed across the Cruz Azul crest on the chest. Two primary GK variants are available in purple and black, and both have light gray details.



The white away jersey has a red collar with white insert and red trim, blue shoulders that resemble a yoke with red trim and white Under Armour labels and white sleeves, and a blue Under Armour logo on the chest.



Cruz Azul’s third jersey is red with a solid blue collar, white trim on the sleeves with blue Under Armour labels and blue sleeves and a white Under Armour logo on the right breast.

There are two versions of the shorts and socks each: white shorts with blue trim and blue shorts with red trim, and blue socks with red caps and white trim, and white socks with blue caps and white trim.

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