The Copa Mundial is a classic!  It is the best-selling soccer cleat of all-time since it’s release in 1979 with their distinctive black/white colorway but the times are a changin’ with the release of the Samba Pack colorways.

The change new looks were inevitable.  adidas released a limited edition White/Black colorway in September 2013.

adidas_CopaWhiteAnd the push to push to bring in the Samba Colorways to the line was hard to pass up with the 2014 World Cup set for Brazil calling for a brighter look.

Despite the facelift the cleat remains close to the 3-stripes heart and home.  It is produced in Scheinfeld, Germany with each cleat getting special love and attention during the production process.

But don’t expect these to be around too long with this limited edition release so if you like the splash of color make sure to order a pair today.

Get in the Game!  The WorldSoccerShop.com has the best selection of the adidas Copa Mundial Samba Colorways.  And the WSS has the inside track to getting your cleat.  The U.S. based company has been given the OK by adidas to sell the cleat during a pre-order period beginning 1/25.  The cleats will be available for delivery on the global launch date of February 1.