What if some of the world’s greatest clubs had their jerseys designed by famous streetwear brands? Soccer365 and La Casaca team up once again to bring you a soccer and fashion crossover.

AC Milan x BAPE

Lets begin with AC Milan, one of the most popular clubs around the world, who we imagined collaborating with the Japanese brand BAPE (A Bathing Ape). This design shows a Camo motif on the classic red and black stripes, as well as the cuffs, shorts and socks. A cartoonish face is placed on the side of the shorts, while the golden star on the club badge transitions into a lightning bolt.

Club Jerseys meet famous Streetwear Brands - AC Milan x BAPE

Liverpool FC X Supreme

Supreme’s iconic red box logo was practically asking to be paired with Liverpool FC, and we simply couldn’t resist. This design reflects the skateboard spirit of the brand inspired by the club’s culture and the “You’ll Never Walk Alone” motto, which appears on the front along with the club’s name and foundation year. A Liverpool red box appears on the white socks, evidencing the perfect combo.

Club Jerseys meet famous Streetwear Brands - Liverpool FC X Supreme

Juventus X Yeezy

Juventus-adidas, adidas-Kanye West. The connection isn’t hard to imagine, is it? This is our vision of a Juve kit with the now famous Yeezy print featured in the collaborations of Kanye and the three stripes brand applied to their striped jersey. The new Juventus logo, which is perfect for streetwear clothing, is present on the uniform.

Club Jerseys meet famous Streetwear Brands - Juventus X Yeezy print

Manchester United X Off White

Off-White is a fashion label that strives to be young and embrace the now, which could apply to the post-Ferguson Manchester United. The base kit is a simple one, with the Red Devils classic colors combined with the brand’s diagonal stripes identity. Red jersey, black shorts and white socks were chosen for this design.

Club Jerseys meet famous Streetwear Brands - Manchester United X Off White

Roma x Louis Vuitton

AS Roma’s colors often result in some classy kits each season, and the Luxury Fashion House Louis Vuitton would be a perfect complement for them. For this kit the Roma and LV logos have gold application, with a print inspired by soccer and fashion featured on the fabric. The checkered pattern on the shorts creates a bold look, while the socks show the same print form the jersey to keep an elegant tone.

Club Jerseys meet famous Streetwear Brands - Roma x Louis Vuitton

Which one did you like the most? Are there any other soccer and fashion crossovers you’d like to see?