Columbus Crew have officially rebranded their club, announcing a new name and logo. Beginning in the 2015 season, they will now be known as ‘Columbus Crew Soccer Club’, or Columbus Crew SC for short.

The new logo retains the black and gold colors of the club, but this is where the similarities end. The circular shape is a nod to the German heritage of the city, as many Bundesliga clubs have a circular crest. The two rings have been designed to mirror the ‘O’ found on the Ohio state flag.
The new name wraps around the crest in between the two rings. Inside the inner ring, the diagonal stripes on one half represent the Columbus Crew being one of the ten original MLS teams, and the checker pattern symbolizes the supporter culture at the club. The ‘96’ is a reference to the year the club was founded.
Owner Anthony Precourt said “Our new badge and word-mark truly reflect who we are as a club, from our origins and historical accomplishments to our connection with Columbus and our unique fan culture. It’s a timeless design and a strong statement for our brand.”
The new brand identity will be applied in full ready for the 2015 season.