U.S. women’s national team forward Christen Press brings explosive energy and pure passion for the game to the field every time she plays. The 26-year-old explained the saying “She always brings her lunch pail!” on her blog. With roots in American football, the statement refers to blue-collar workers who were so busy working that they would barely take time to eat lunch. Growing up, Press’ dad would repeat the saying to her before she took the field.

christen press nike workoutKnown for her intelligence on and off the field, the California-native graduated from Stanford University where she became one of the top scorers in team history. While playing in college, Press discussed overthinking it too much. “I’ve watched tapes of myself playing in college and I’m mouthing the entire time to my teammates, to myself, like, ‘I should have done this. Why didn’t they pass the ball here?’” Press says. “The whole time I’m just thinking, thinking, thinking.”

Because of over thinking the game, Press didn’t discover a passion for it until she began playing abroad in Sweden. Because the team had no demands, the lack of expectation and freedom from pressure led to Press remembering why she loved the game and why she began playing in the first place.press workouts out preparing for women's world cup

Playing in Sweden brought back the passion that fuels the fire, which led her back to the states to play for Chicago in 2014. It was in Chicago where Press brought her lunch pail. Her hardworking mentality led to the opportunity of a lifetime: what she calls ‘the’ dream, playing for the USWNT.

For 2015, Press wants a championship title. Training for the Women’s World Cup brings an excitement that she’s never felt before. Instead of overthinking, Press simplifies them. She concentrates on where the ball is and where she should move.

While watching the USWNT play in the Women’s World Cup in Vancouver this summer, fans can fully expect Christen Press to bring her lunch pail.

christen press, ali krieger, carli lloydPress has joined with fellow national team players Ali Krieger and Carli Lloyd and Nike to debut a soccer-inspired Fitness Diary workouts in conjunction with the Nike+ Training Club 90-Day Better For It Challenge.  Press has been handed the tasks of getting the program started launching on April 2.

“My workout includes drills for strength, mobility and stability, which are all really important for the explosive movements my position requires,” Press told Nike. “I’m putting in a lot of work training right now so when the tournament arrives, I’m at the top of my game and can enjoy the moment.”

Krieger will launch her workout in May followed by Lloyd’s in June.