The Chile 2018 home and away soccer jerseys from Nike this week.  Alexis Sanchez and La Roja have emerged as one of the top national teams out of South America in recent years, and their jerseys will tell the story of their national identity coupled with their recent success.



Chile’s 2018 home and away jerseys have the Fast Fit Vaporknit template.

The home jersey features right red jerseys with blue collars, and a white swoosh parallel to the Chile Football Federation crest on the jersey.




Chile’s full home kit has gym blue shorts and socks with white Nike swooshes, and a gradient at the bottom of the socks to dark navy.



While Chile’s home jersey is a bold yet solid take on the traditional La Roja look, the white away jersey has a unique design inspired from the Andean condor, a national symbol of Chile.



The front of the jersey has a horizontal striped red pattern with additional blue trim within the red stripes. The swoosh on the right breast is blue.

The full kit has white shorts and socks with blue swooshes on both.



Both jerseys will have a simple monochrome white shield from Chile’s crest at the top of the backneck, with a solid white on the on home jersey, and a solitary red stripe for the away.



Chile’s inner pride logo is a fusion of the Mapuche war flag’s eight-pointed star with the lone five-pointed star from Chile’s flag within, with linear fills and alternating stripes.



The eight-pointed stars are also on Chile’s numerical font, with a reflective effect placed in the numbers, with thin red trim and a red monochrome crest at the bottom.


The Chilean women’s national team will also wear the same jerseys and will formally debut them on the pitch, as they will host this year’s Copa América Femenina.

The 2018 Nike Chilean home and away jerseys will be available soon at World Soccer Shop.