Soccer fans in the U.S. developed a passion for building their World Cup rosters with a Panini sticker album during Brazil 2014.  The albums and trading cards were snapped up quickly as fans looked to complete their tams before the first kick of the tournament.

FIFA 365 Album Sticker 2016

Panini is back in 2016 with the FIFA 365 Sticker Album.  The expanded album includes over 800 stickers and specific sections focusing on top players from different countries and competitions.  The 2016 edition includes Women’s World Cup and FIFA Under-20 World Cup player stickers.

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The Panini FIFA 365 is the perfect way to watch soccer with friends and family and showoff your top players for the entire year.  The sticker album runs $1.99 with 7-card packets at 0.99¢ and 50 7-card packets at $49.99.

The Italian company was formed in 1961 and has a long history with soccer related trading cards.  They published their first World Cup sticker album in 1970 and have published albums for various leagues and sports from around the world.

Get the FIFA 365 Album Sticker 2016 ($1.99) and either the FIFA 365 Sticker Pack 2016 (50 Pack) for $49.99 or the individual FIFA 365 Sticker Pack 2016 ($0.99) at World Soccer Shop.