Brescia Calcio will remain in Serie B, the second-highest division of Italian soccer, for 2014/15 season but will be wearing a new away jersey by apparel sponsor Joma.

Rondinelle (Little Swallows) are keeping it simple this year for their away jersey. The white jersey has a blue ‘V’ pattern at the top center of the jersey made up of three thin stripes.  The team crest appears on the left breast of the jersey while the Joma logo is positioned in the center of the jersey.

Brescia 2015 Away Soccer Jersey
While the jersey is collarless, the blue on the V-neck makes it look from far away that the Little Swallows are giving off more of a professional look. The blue on the back of the collar looks like a collar from far away.

There are two blue stripes that run down the sleeve.

In the bottom left corner of the jersey, Joma’s logo appears a second time, as well as a smaller version of the teams crest.

Brescia 2015 Away Soccer Jersey
1911, the year the club was founded, is printed below the collar on the back of the jersey.

This bright white jersey will show all of the dirt from the team’s passionate play, and will be a good addition to the wardrobe of any fan.

The Brescia 2015 Away Soccer Jersey is available exclusively in the U.S. at World Soccer Shop.