Brentford FC, who currently play in the English Championship, unveiled a new and cleaner club badge last week. The circular badge has a bee at the center with the club’s name and founding year including in a red outer ring of the roundel.


Brentford FC's new club badge will first appear on team jerseys in 2017/18


The club’s nickname is the bees and the new badge highlights the nickname. The Bees nickname was adopted in the late 1890’s after students from Borough Road College attended games and chanted the school’s rallying cry of ‘‘buck up b’s’.


Brentford FC's club badge


The bee, however, is not cartoonish like on some of the club’s previous badges. It was designed to be more aggressive looking by using a more angular approach in the illustration of the bee.

The badge was inspired by the club badge used from 1972 -1975 and the Brentford Supporters’ Club badge of the 1960’s.

“It’s always an emotive subject when a club decides to change something as important as its crest but part of our club’s philosophy has always been about moving with the times and improving as we go,” says Chief Executive Mark Devlin. “It’s simple, it’s iconic, and it immediately tells the world who we are without even the need for words.”


Brentford FC's club badge from 1993 - 2017


The badge is much simpler and better suited for the digital age than the previous badge which was a 4-panel shield design.

The new badge can been seen around the club today but it won’t appear on the player’s jerseys until the start of the 2017/18 season.